A teacher next door #1

Just in case you haven't heard the news; I'm currently doing my teaching practice and it has been four weeks!

So, that day, it was NILAM (which the teacher has to bring the students to the library for a period for reading session) and as usual, some of the students are not really reading -- and this one girl came to me and say;

Student: Teacher, tengok tu Veron (a Chinese) baca buku Islam. He knows a lot about Islam. Dia pandai gila.. Saya tak pandai.

Me: Kenapa pula awak tak pandai?

Student: Saya tak ada A pun masa UPSR haritu..

Me: How many A(s) should not define your intelligence, my dear. (There you go, I give the animals'-exam-panjat-pokok-if-you-ever-heard-once analogy)

Student: Tapi... Still tak pandai. Semua orang nak tengok A. Mak saya pun nak A.

Sigh sigh sigh and sigh. These kids have been doctrined by the adults... So sad. What a sad truth. I believe in multiple intelligence. They have their own strength, not everyone should be a doctor, should be an engineer or so. Let them develop their very own potential in their very own field chosen by themselves.

But on another note, I ever taught a class on topic 'Ambition' and I'm so glad to know that the students nowadays have various kind of ambitions; they wanted to be a lawyer, open a boutique, chef, pilot, architect, news anchor, actress and so. Tak macam kitorang dulu, manjang nak jadi doktor atau engineer je hewhew.