Wow....... Amazing.

Look at my last post. Its on 28th of August! Its been a while since I last post anything here. I rarely write in social media now, be it on Facebook, Twitter or so. I do not know why.

Maybe I am way too busy with the life out there. Maybe.

Or.... I have nothing to share cause I have nothing. One who has nothing, wouldn't be able to give people something, right?

Haih, I just need some time. I know something is wrong somewhere but I have no idea where and how to figure it out.

Sigh.. Back to basic. Your relationship with Allah, perhaps? Ya, perhaps.

Of fever and strength

I worked hard these past few days till I had a fever.... *a loong sigh*

I sigh not that I feel ungrateful or hates the fever I get but.. I feel bad for myself. I have to ashamedly admit that I am -sort of- a weak person. I easily fall sick. Kalau buat kerja berat sikit, mula lah nak demam lah ini lah.. Why oh why dear body :(

Err back to my main point, while lying in the bed, reducing the fever and the headache, I made some thinking about that. About why am I so weak.. And how this 'curse' will sometimes limit my activities especially ones that related to dakwah and tarbiyyah.

But at the bright side, I feel grateful for every sickness I had and I felt, Allah will vanish away all my sins, purifying my heart and self. Alhamdulillah for that... And while do the thinking, it reminisce me to our last mukhayyam last semester.

Mukhayyam R4BIA which also my first mukhayyam.

At first, I couldn't worry less about my safety and health as I know myself better. I know that I am weak at this kind of activities -lasak, camping, tak cukup tidur et all- I know I will fall sick.

But Allah showed that I am wrong. There is no strength than which comes from Allah... I forgot that I have Allah whom the One who lends me the strength all this while.. During the mukhayyam, Alhamdulillah I am all healthy and enthusiastic. All praises are Allah's! Even after mukhayyam, I do not get any fever or anything!

And I am a human too. I easily forget the nikmat.. I thought I am free from the 'curse' until I went for another compulsory camp due to the course I took. The camp is a week after the mukhayyam. During the camp, Allah tests me with lotssss of sickness. Hukhuk.

Tudddiaaaa, lain kali jangan nak perasan sangat. Semua benda dari Allah semata.. If you're healthy, thats only because Allah bestows upon you His endless mercy...

And itulah the first and the last experience of tak-sakit-walaupun-kerja-kuat. At least merasa lah juga kan how my life would be like without the 'curse' :p

Lol am lembik. But I guess itu semua tidak penting. Yang penting, adalah kekuatan jiwa! Kekuatan iman! Kekuatan tekad dan azam! And the list goes on.. The strength of the inside is mooooooore and moooore important than your physical strength.

Biarlah demam pun asalkan tak terlantor and kecewa dengan demam tu. Kan?

Ah, now that I reminisce the moments of mukhayyam, I started to miss it! Never will I forget one of the statements made by someone during the post-muhasabah kudeta's activity by the sea;

"kita kadang terlalu selesa dengan kedudukan kita. Selepas kemenangan Mursi, kita semua bergembira seolah-olah kemenangan itu sudah pasti jadi milik kita. Lupakah kita bahawa kemenangan itu di tangan Allah, bukan di tangan Mursi? Lalu Allah mengambil Mursi untuk mengajar kita dan membersihkan kita dari sebarang pergantungan lain.. Dan kerja dakwah tak akan terhenti biarpun kemenangan itu seakan-akan sudah sangat hampir.."

"Antunna adalah pewaris dakwah ini. Jangan terlalu selesa dengan keadaan kita.. All out lah untuk dakwah ini"

Do the muhasabah.. All this while, benar-benar all out kah kita dalam kerja-kerja dakwah ni?
We all know the answer :'(

Talking from the heart

Last two days, I met my friend who just lost her father. (Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun.. May Allah puts her father among the believers)

In past few days too, I don't feel good. My imaan is not in a good state nor in a bad state. I just felt... Empty. I feel far from Him yet feel so close to Him in a way that is too complicated to explain.

I tried to fill the emptiness with everything but all(that I usually do) just seems not to work anymore.. So I decided to try other way by *kononnya* take some rest and keluar dari rumah (because I guess I'm just too tired being at home for this 3 months long).

So yah, that day, is the first day I went out for a window shopping, coffee talk yada yada sepanjang cuti sem ni fuh! *kesat peluh* EH tapi sebelum ni ada je keluar cuma tu keluar raya pi open house etc.

Errr ok SOOOO back to the topic, I think I made a wise decision sebab...... That day is reaaaaaaaaally such a tarbiyyah day for me tsssk. Rasanya macam dah lamaaa sangat tak dapat wake up call macam tu dari Allah wuuu.. I don't know how to put the feelings into words but listening to the stories of my friend-- how she lost her father in a sudden way, how she reaaaally wants to change for good but do not have enough strength and how she has too many things to adapt with her new life--- just make me feel like.... Ya Allah how ungrateful I am T______T

I tried to put myself into her shoes, but I guess, I am not strong enough to bear with what shes currently facing now... Indeed ya Allah, la yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus'aha... No soul is given more than what it can handle masha Allah ya Rabbb T_______T

To my dear friend there, stay strong.. Allah is with u. He knows u can handle this and believe me, for every pain, for every heartbreak u are feeling, Allah prepares for you endless rewards there. Dunya is not our place, we can't find the happiness, perfection and eternal that we are longing for because this is dunya. Our heart are actually longing for Jannah, for the hereafter where we will find eternal happiness and perfection. Lets struggle for Jannah in order to see your father whos *inshaa Allah* already rest peacefully there..

I can't stop thinking about the actual feeling of losing parent but I guess I just can't even imagine ya Allah, may You make her stronger, day by day.. Inshaa Allah. Aameen aameen aameen.

I am just sooo ungrateful astaghfirullah T____T may Allah forgive me!

Another random babbling

A veryyyyyy breath-taking view! Masha Allah! Rabbi, dunya has already beyond beautiful. I wonder, what would Your jannah be like? 

I need a getaway. I need to go somewhere, refreshing myself, fixing the heart and the imaan. Mommm, lets go somewhere and take a deep look at Allah's great creatures and have some moment to be grateful.. Tadabbur alam is always the best remedy for your imaan(that is in the low state)! Oh I need a vacation so badddd!

Oh you still alive there?

There, there.

Sorry blog! Been neglecting you for monthsssss. No worry, now I'm back ;) be happy ok!

Lol. Drama sangat dengan blog sendiri. So my 4 months(almost, plus minus) holiday will come to an end. I am excited(because I will be a final year student, iyeyy!) but I feel sad at the same time.. Home will be sooo quiet again. No sounds of my big brother teasing me, no annoying face of my lil brother, no pillow talk with my sister anymore... And I will feel lonely again.I know busy-ness will keep me fine but yeah. Ok stop I dont want to think about that for now. Lets cherish the present and stop worrying bout future!

Actually I have no idea what to write. But I just feel like updating the blog. Hence, the babbling :p

Oklah bye!

Cinta hadir sebelum dakwah, no?

I can't believe my brain finally works!

I had a fever for 5 days. It was my fault-- I refuse to eat any medicine and I did not take enough rest and actively doing my daily routine. Haha padan muka >:I

Nah, after we're done with fesko, my fever getting worst and I can't do anything but lying on my bed. And scrolling the FB feeds. What a life..... Ok forget about that.

So, I read Encik Musab's post on Sabar dan Dakwah, Berpisah Tiada! and I do agree with his points. Dakwah needs patience. Cause its a looooonnnggggg journey with lots of mehnah(tribulations) and u know.... Tapisan dari Allah itu sentiasa ada from time to time. Without sabar ...... I can describe no more.

I made a deep thinking regarding this and I asked myself, "what actually makes me stay?" And I think I only have one reason, yeah one reason ---- its due to love. Yeap. Love.

Love towards Allah, ar-Rasul, Islam itself, all my mad'u(s) and of course, the love towards the ummah.

Cinta hadir sebelum dakwah. Despite feeling syukur, I think what caused(or the exact word is pushed?) me to do dakwah is the feeling of love towards Allah.. U know, U love Him so much so that U want everyone to obey Him, back to Him and U just want to share the sweetness of worshiping Him with everyone.

Not only that, of course needless to mention, your love towards ar-Rasul... All U know is U just want to fight for what has been fought by him for years..... Its very hard to say because the love towards Baginda SAW is really an indescribable feeling. Its like, U feel like telling him, "I'm taking over your job, I'll let your dream came true, I'll continue your fight, I won't let your ummah stray away" --- this feeling. I seriously run out of words to describe it.

And of course, the love towards the mad'u(s) and the ummah itself.... How can U help the one U didn't love? Sabar itu hadir kerana adanya cinta... Right? Kan people always say "its okay to be hurt by the one u love" -- thus, its okay if my mad'u reject me cause I won't give up, I am okay to be hurt because because all I know is I just love U and wanna save U!

Errrr... Yah basically, I think the principles of "cinta dan dakwah, berpisah tiada!" fits me well. But I did not say what Encik Musab says was wrong, no no no, don't get me wrong! For him, its sabar that keeps him going. While for me, the source of strength that keeps me walking is LOVE. Yeap, cinta(Omg why so cheesy when its in Malay)

Oklah actually once you're healthy, U should use your study week to the fullest ok :P

May Allah bless me, you and the Ummah. May Allah ease everything for us and did not make it difficult. May we be among those He loves. May His strength will always be with us!

Di mana pemuda Kahfi?

Di kala Islam sedang hebat dilanda fitnah dan cabaran di mana pihak2 'sana' sedang giat dan berhabisan menjatuhkan Islam dan ummatnya, pemuda di sini masih asyik dengan dunia mereka.

Pemuda-pemuda Islam kini lebih gemar berbincang tentang fashion, cinta, masa depan yang so-called kerjaya, gadgets dan pelbagai lagi kegiatan duniawi. Izinkan saya meluahkan perasaan.. I'M SICK. Seriously, I'M SICK.

Apakah kita sedar bahawa Islam kini sudah tersangat lemah? Lupakah kita akan sejarah Islam yang gilang gemilang, pernah menakluk 2/3 dunia bahkan negara-negara Islam unggul mempunyai pelbagai monumen yang menjadi kebanggaan?

Aduhai.... Kini, monumen2 itu telah dimusnah kan, ummat Islam pula dihina, dipijak bahkan digelar sebagai pengganas. Kita di mata dunia--- SEPERTI AGAMA PALING RENDAH. TIDAKKAH KALIAN SEDAR?! I have been there. I asked people-non-muslim- whats their opinion about Islam? Rata-rata cakap, ISLAM IS TERRORISM, EXTREMIST, TAK BEBAS dan SCARY. Yes, scary. Apabila berbicara tentang jubah dan janggut, di mata mereka, lelaki-lelaki ini adalah pengganas dan perogol. Walhal, kita arif sekali bahawa Islam ini agama paling indah dan sempurna. Agama aman!

Jubah, serban dan janggut juga sudah jadi lambang keganasan. Padahal di zaman kegemilangan Islam, jubah itu menjadi pakaian mewah yang dibangga-banggakan dunia termasuk Barat.

Tapi di mana kedudukan Islam sekarang ni? Isu utamanya, adakah kita aware atau tidak? Sedarkah kita di mana Islam sekarang?

Lalu kita, sebagai penganut Islam, apa yang sudah kita lakukan untuk membela agama Allah yang mulia ini? Mana peranan kita?! Tatkala Iblis merendah-rendahkan kerana Allah memilih untuk mencipta kita sebagai khalifah di muka bumi, Allah membela kita. Bahkan, Allah mengangkat darjat kita dengan menyuruh malaikat sujud kepada kita. Dengan kurniaan akal, kita dilebihkan dari makhluk lain di muka bumi ini! Wahai! Lalu mengapa kita sia-siakan semua itu?! Mana janji kita di hadapan Allah?! Mengapa kita tidak berusaha membela agama ini dan mengembalikan hak Allah?!

Allahu Allah... Urut dada melihat list konsert-konsert yang bakal berlangsung di Malaysia. Melihat timeline di media-media sosial juga..... Mengecewakan sekali. Mengapa urusan dunia menjadi keutamaan kalian? Seringkali, gambar-gambar 'selfie', ootd, makanan mewah etc dimuat naik. Apa significant-nya? Adakah ia membantu ummat Islam yang sedang tenat ini?

Seringkali yang dibincang di media sosial adalah tentang cinta cinta cinta cinta. Kemudian, gadget terbaru. Lagi, apa yang artis tanah air sedang lakukan. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE?! COME ON. Are those the only things in your mind? Please, I'm begging--lets back to Allah, to the teaching of the Prophet SAW and to the real practice of Islam....

Tahukah kita....

Mereka di Syria, Palestine dan Mesir sedang berjuang untuk ummat Islam. Mereka berjuang untuk menegakkan agama Islam dengan darah dan harta mereka. Biarpun anak2 mereka kelaparan, dibom, disembelih dan sebagainya, mereka tetap meneruskan perjuangan demi mempertahankan agama Allah.

Bagaimana dengan kita? Mengapa kita tidak turut sama bangkit membela agama Allah di kala mereka memijak2 dan memfitnah agama kita? Tidak terkesankah kita walau sedikit? Atau mungkin kita rela Islam terus terkubur? Atau apakah kita sudah terlalu selesa dalam dunia sendiri hingga merasakan tidak ada keperluan untuk hirau apa yg terjadi di luar? Iyelah, sudah sangat selesa dan seronok dengan kehidupan sekarang... Hingga terlupa akan kehidupan yang lebih kekal. Bahkan ada antara kita secara tidak langsung, menjadi antara penyumbang kepada agenda-agenda menjatuhkan Islam(makan mekdi contohnya)...

Lihatlah sahabatku! Mereka menahan sakit, bermandi darah demi Allah dan agama ini!

Lihat! Mereka membiarkan anak kelaparan, dibom dan diseksa demi untuk terus berjuang untuk agama ini! Lihatlah sahabatku! Anak sekecil ini pun tahu membela hak Allah! Malulah kita.

Apakah kalian tegar mensia-siakan perjuangan ar Rasul SAW, darah dan pengorbanan para sahabat? Tegarkah kalian mensia-siakan perjuangan saudara-saudara kita di Mesir, Syria dan Palestin?

Hanya kerana kita punya sofa empuk, tilam selesa, penghawa dingin dan perut penuh diisi dengan makanan mewah, kita jadi lena diulit mimpi... TERLALU LENA HINGGA LUPA-- LUPA SAUDARA KITA SEDANG DIBUNUH DAN AGAMA INI MAHU DIHAPUSKAN.

Ingatlah akan sabda Rasulullah s.a.w., “Sesiapa yang tidak mengambil tahu tentang urusan ummat Islam, maka ia tidak termasuk dari kalangan mereka. Sesiapa yang ada pada pagi dan petangnya tidak ikhlas kepada Allah dan RasulNya dan KitabNya dan pemimpinnya dan kepada umat Islam, maka ia tidak termasuk dari kalangan mereka (umat Islam).” (riwayat Thabrani)

Sahabat2 ku, renungi dan tanyalah pada diri, apakah sekecil itu kita melihat nikmat syahadah-- nikmat agama Islam ini? Apakah hanya kerana Islam yang ada pada kalian adalah Islam yang diwarisi, lantas kalian tidak menghargainya? Atau apakah hanya kerana janji syurga kepada orang yang pernah mengucpkan syahadah menyebabkan kalian kebal menahan api neraka yang sangkanya 'sekejap cuma'?

Kalian..... Tidakkah kalian sayang akan agama ini?
Apakah kalian melupai perjuangan baginda nabi kita SAW dan para sahabat?
Kalau lah kalian tahu bagaimana sakitnya memperjuangkan agama ini.....

Allahu Allah... Bangkitlah hai pemuda! Kita adalah harapan agama, harapan ummat! Pemuda adalah tunggak sesebuah negara. Jika lemah pemudanya, nescaya lemah lah sesebuah negara itu. Bangunlah, sedarlah bahawa cita-cita kalian yang kini hanyalah cita-cita keanak-anakan! Pemikiran kalian keanak-anakan! Cetek. Kecil dan rendah. Bangkitlah! Sedarlah dan sudah tiba masanya untuk kalian berhenti bermain-main dengan dunia dan mula mengejar kehidupan yang kekal.

Bangkitlah hai pemuda! Sudah tiba masanya untuk kalian bangkit dan menunaikan hak Allah!!

She is the best one; my first murabbi.

My finger hits the right arrow on the keyboard which then brings me to the next photo in the album. Picture of her, my first Murabbi in Korea, appears on the laptop screen. I looked at her smile and I smiled. I wanted to cry as I miss her so much and I feel touched whenever I reminisced our moments of usrah back then in Korea....

Now, when I can clearly recognized the thick line separating jahiliyyah and amal, I feel shame for myself. I feel shame at my murabbi for she knows how bad I am back then...

But she's still there---for me---not losing hope believing that I will shine someday. She keep nurturing me and keep feeding me with knowledge of the Deen. Alhamdulillah with His rahmah, Kak Huda never give up on me. Though she knows how far I am from the real practice of Islam.

I remember every single effort she puts on me and my usrahmate. She traveled all the way from Suwon to Seoul just to have usrah with us. Though its just two of us(yep I only have one usrahmate).. She brings us food(of course) and she stay patient whenever we are late and so. Whenever she is busy with her mid term or final exam, she will still make sure that usrah is still on every week --- we even have usrah on Skype wuweee!

We stay keep in touch even when I'm back to Malaysia. Though we are miles away apart, she had always lend her ears for my merepek stories and so called problem and well.. Shes always be there for me!

Whenever I came across the stories of Jaafar bin Abi Talib in books or I heard about his story, Kak Huda automatically popped out in my mind. Because Jaafar bin Abi Talib RA is her favorite sahabah! I just couldn't forget the way she smiled while she tell me the stories of him :) Well, thats her. She always feeds me with the stories of sahabah to heals me, whenever I feel sad or facing problems. Till know, I feel closer to the seerah(and thats because of her).

Kak Huda, you are one great murabbi and I will always keep you in my prayers. I will never ever forget your effort and ilm that you have ever gave me. I just couldn't imagine how can you be so patient with me. Alhamdulillah.. Its all by His rahmah! Thank you so much and I will be a murabbi just like you! I will be a duplicate you to my mutarabbi, in shaa Allah!

Thank you so much for the tarbiyyah you poured upon me. I will never ever forget that.

It's two days more and I just can't wait to see you in Malaysia! Come back fast and have a safe flight! I truly loves you, deep in my heart. Come back fast!!

Praying hard for #MH370. Please come back!

I believe that everyone is alert and aware of the current news (a sad one) regarding MH370 flight that is missing since yesterday. My deepest sympathy goes to the missing innocent souls, their families and all related parties.

I know it's hurt to hear about the news and the victim's family must be so curious and anxious. However, have faith cause Allah is always there. Everything happens for a reason. There is hikmah and lessons that Allah wants us to learn and ponder.. In shaa Allah.

This is my first time seeing how all medias actively updates the news like every second! The supports from people especially Malaysians are overwhelming and the prayers keep coming... How I wish this situation happens exactly the same when it comes to the issues of Syria and Palestine....

They deserve to get exactly the same attention and prayers.. When it comes to humanity, we shouldn't be picky.

Apatah lagi, we are Muslims, we are brothers and sisters.

Whatever it is, do pray for #MH370 as well as the people of Syria and Palestine. My brothers and sisters in Syria and Palestine, I'm gonna keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts, always. In shaa Allah.

Semua gambar adalah belas ihsan dari: IKram Siswa Universiti Teknologi Malaysia JZKKK!

Random babbling from my heart

In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful.

In shaa Allah. Well, I actually planned to update blog more often and benefits others through my writing. But I did not know why when I was outside, ideas are coming like a heavy rain. Yet, when the fingers meet keyboard, I feel blank and empty. Didn't know and unsure of what to write.

Until last Tuesday, my lecturer revealed the actual skills of writing to the whole class. So now I know what Salim A. Fillah meant by saying, "Kalau kita menulis untuk ummah, maka kita akan bermatian menegeluarkan keringat dan darah" (I paraphrased it)

Cause YES, you see, it ain't easy to write but trust me, writing lasts forever. And as long as your writing benefits others, the reward keeps coming though you're dead.

So yah. Basic thing of writing skill is you ought to plan--- what are the objectives, the flow and yada yada.

So.... Lets start writing more often for the sake of ummah. Okay, lets be more discipline and put a deal within yourself. Letts say, I promise myself to update blog once a week. For now!

Ok deal, in shaa Allah lets see how it goes. Allahu yusahhil, dear self!

Random update?

New semester has begin.

So far... Alhamdulillah. Everything seems great and Allah help me a lot. He eases everything for me and my heart is truly in peace. Alhamdulillah.

Or maybe.... Ini aura roh-roh hebat dalam bengkel dakwah UTM haritu kot? Masha Allah, hebat sungguh penangan depa. Sampai la ni teghasa hihu.

Oh, yes! Last week I attended a 4-days dakwah course held by Ikramsiswa UTM at Pejabat Ikram. Know what? It was ah-may-zing like seriously ah-mayy-zingg! It was superb! Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.. Apart of the nikmah of having the ukhuwwah between ikhwah wa akhawati fillah, I gained a lot of knowledge, input and experiences- its overwhelming! I just couldn't thank Allah more!

Fabi ayyi aalaa irabbikumaa tukadzdzibaan, indeed ey?

Oh well, anywayy, I expected this semester to be busier than previous. My responsibilities are now double and I need to balance the commitment into three-dakwah and tarbiyyah, parent and study. And I promise myself, to be better than ever in terms of doubling my knowledge, time and practice. Allahu, may Allah ease. I have no strength than which comes from Allah. La hawla quwwata illa billah.

I don't know what else to say.. I just feel like writing because... Err.. My English seems fading. Blergh.

May Allah bless you, me and all Muslims over the world. May Allah bless the mujahideen in Palestine, Syria and Egypt. May Allah grants patience and taqwa to Muslims in Rohingya. May we keep praying for each other. Aameen.

Keep walking, keep climbing.

Spring in Korea♥ I truly miss those views...

Kata kak Krun,

"Bunga-bunga ini mengajar kita tentang harapan. Mereka berkembang dari sebiji benih lalu mengeluarkan kelopak-kelopak yang hidup. Biarpun ditiupkan angin, mereka tetap mekar teguh pada dahan. Bahkan, mereka akan terus hidup dengan penuh makna. Dan luruh hanya ketika sudah sampai masanya.

Setiap ciptaan Allah itu penuh dengan pelajaran, analogi dan pesanan dariNya.."


Gotta be stronger than strongest

"Seorang mukmin yang kuat lebih baik dan lebih dicintai Allah berbanding mukmin yang lemah. Pada setiap orang ada kebaikan maka bersungguh-sungguhlah mencari apa yang bermanfaat bagi kamu dan mohonlah pertolongan Allah serta jangan bersikap mengalah."

(Hadis sahih riwayat Imam Muslim)

Bukan sekadar qawiyul jismi, tetapi yang kuat hatinya, jiwanya dan imannya. Ain't Allah's love more than enough to motivate us?

"Ketika ujian menimpa dirimu, janganlah engkau meminta Tuhanmu kecilkan/selesaikan masalahmu. Tapi mintalah hati yang kuat untuk menghadapi ujian itu" - Ustaz Pahrol

The power of L.O.V.E

People are soo into love that
they could kill one another because of love.

And with love in your heart, you are able to
accept your partner the way they are,
neglect their flaws,
and continuously loving them even
they hurt you for so many times.

The same case when people in love with Allah,
they will to sacrifice their property, family, loved ones
and whatever it takes.

24 hours you will mention His name,
always in the remembrance of Him,
always excited to meet Him
and never had enough with His word....

And do whatever pleased Him
and leave everything that He hates.

Exactly the same situation when you're in love
with our prophet Rasulullah SAW,
you will love whatever he loves,
and do whatever he do,
and imitate whatever he did and wear.
He became your idol.

Define your love, reclaim your heart.
Love the right one. Love true things.
And the love will last forever.
And would never hurt you.

That's true love.

2014 is a brand new year?

Maka dua hari lepas, berdentam dentum dan berwarna warni lah langit... Manusia berpusu-pusu meraikan tahun baru. Dengan sorakan, ucapan selamat dan berbagai azam yang disenarai kan..

Tapi di satu sudut lain, sekumpulan manusia menyambut tahun baru dengan #TURUN berjuang menuntut hak dan keadilan. Dan bersepah-sepah juga manusia berduduk-duduk dengan meriahnya menyambut ilmu-ilmu yang mendekatkan lagi sang manusia dengan penciptaNya..

Negara Syria pun tidak kurang 'meriah'nya dengan kisah tahun baru mereka. Meriah dengan bunyi berdentam dentum. Tapi tidaklah berwarna warni.. Tapi lebih kepada lepasan bom dari sang so-called pemimpin yang begitu rakus membunuh rakyat sendiri...

Allahu.... Inikah dunia? Tempat para khalifah ditempatkan? Apakah kita ini sebenarnya sedang berbuat kerosakan pada bumi tanpa kita sedari?

Dan (ingatlah) ketika Tuhanmu berfirman kepada malaikat: Sesungguhnya Aku hendak menjadikan seorang khalifah di bumi. Mereka bertanya (tentang hikmat ketetapan Tuhan itu dengan berkata): Adakah Engkau (Ya Tuhan kami) hendak menjadikan di bumi itu orang yang akan membuat bencana dan menumpahkan darah (berbunuh-bunuhan), padahal kami sentiasa bertasbih dengan memujiMu dan mensucikanMu? Tuhan berfirman: Sesungguhnya Aku mengetahui akan apa yang kamu tidak mengetahuinya.

Surah al- Baqarah: ayat 30.

Apakah manusia sudah lupa akan tujuan penciptaannya? Apakah kita terlalu leka dan asyik dengan dunia hingga terlupa kampung sebenar kita?

Saya tertanya-tanya, atas tujuan apa tahun baru itu disambut? Atas dasar apa kita terlalu gembira dengan tahun yang baru?

Ingatlah, masa-masa yang berlalu itu tidak akan pernah memberi apa-apa makna dan erti sekiranya diri kita masih di takuk lama, masih diulit jahiliyyah! Bukankah setiap saat yang berlalu itu menghampirkan lagi kita pada kematian? Bukankah hari yang baru, tahun yang baru itu merupakan petanda bahawa masa kita sudah semakin suntuk?

Harapan itu selalu ada.. Pintu taubat senantiasa terbuka luas.. Tetaplah bangun untuk kali kesepuluh biar telah sembilan kali kita jatuh!

Hidup adalah tentang pilihan.. Life well or live hell, we choose.