The power of L.O.V.E

People are soo into love that
they could kill one another because of love.

And with love in your heart, you are able to
accept your partner the way they are,
neglect their flaws,
and continuously loving them even
they hurt you for so many times.

The same case when people in love with Allah,
they will to sacrifice their property, family, loved ones
and whatever it takes.

24 hours you will mention His name,
always in the remembrance of Him,
always excited to meet Him
and never had enough with His word....

And do whatever pleased Him
and leave everything that He hates.

Exactly the same situation when you're in love
with our prophet Rasulullah SAW,
you will love whatever he loves,
and do whatever he do,
and imitate whatever he did and wear.
He became your idol.

Define your love, reclaim your heart.
Love the right one. Love true things.
And the love will last forever.
And would never hurt you.

That's true love.

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