Random update?

New semester has begin.

So far... Alhamdulillah. Everything seems great and Allah help me a lot. He eases everything for me and my heart is truly in peace. Alhamdulillah.

Or maybe.... Ini aura roh-roh hebat dalam bengkel dakwah UTM haritu kot? Masha Allah, hebat sungguh penangan depa. Sampai la ni teghasa hihu.

Oh, yes! Last week I attended a 4-days dakwah course held by Ikramsiswa UTM at Pejabat Ikram. Know what? It was ah-may-zing like seriously ah-mayy-zingg! It was superb! Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.. Apart of the nikmah of having the ukhuwwah between ikhwah wa akhawati fillah, I gained a lot of knowledge, input and experiences- its overwhelming! I just couldn't thank Allah more!

Fabi ayyi aalaa irabbikumaa tukadzdzibaan, indeed ey?

Oh well, anywayy, I expected this semester to be busier than previous. My responsibilities are now double and I need to balance the commitment into three-dakwah and tarbiyyah, parent and study. And I promise myself, to be better than ever in terms of doubling my knowledge, time and practice. Allahu, may Allah ease. I have no strength than which comes from Allah. La hawla quwwata illa billah.

I don't know what else to say.. I just feel like writing because... Err.. My English seems fading. Blergh.

May Allah bless you, me and all Muslims over the world. May Allah bless the mujahideen in Palestine, Syria and Egypt. May Allah grants patience and taqwa to Muslims in Rohingya. May we keep praying for each other. Aameen.

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