Random babbling from my heart

In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful.

In shaa Allah. Well, I actually planned to update blog more often and benefits others through my writing. But I did not know why when I was outside, ideas are coming like a heavy rain. Yet, when the fingers meet keyboard, I feel blank and empty. Didn't know and unsure of what to write.

Until last Tuesday, my lecturer revealed the actual skills of writing to the whole class. So now I know what Salim A. Fillah meant by saying, "Kalau kita menulis untuk ummah, maka kita akan bermatian menegeluarkan keringat dan darah" (I paraphrased it)

Cause YES, you see, it ain't easy to write but trust me, writing lasts forever. And as long as your writing benefits others, the reward keeps coming though you're dead.

So yah. Basic thing of writing skill is you ought to plan--- what are the objectives, the flow and yada yada.

So.... Lets start writing more often for the sake of ummah. Okay, lets be more discipline and put a deal within yourself. Letts say, I promise myself to update blog once a week. For now!

Ok deal, in shaa Allah lets see how it goes. Allahu yusahhil, dear self!

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