Cinta hadir sebelum dakwah, no?

I can't believe my brain finally works!

I had a fever for 5 days. It was my fault-- I refuse to eat any medicine and I did not take enough rest and actively doing my daily routine. Haha padan muka >:I

Nah, after we're done with fesko, my fever getting worst and I can't do anything but lying on my bed. And scrolling the FB feeds. What a life..... Ok forget about that.

So, I read Encik Musab's post on Sabar dan Dakwah, Berpisah Tiada! and I do agree with his points. Dakwah needs patience. Cause its a looooonnnggggg journey with lots of mehnah(tribulations) and u know.... Tapisan dari Allah itu sentiasa ada from time to time. Without sabar ...... I can describe no more.

I made a deep thinking regarding this and I asked myself, "what actually makes me stay?" And I think I only have one reason, yeah one reason ---- its due to love. Yeap. Love.

Love towards Allah, ar-Rasul, Islam itself, all my mad'u(s) and of course, the love towards the ummah.

Cinta hadir sebelum dakwah. Despite feeling syukur, I think what caused(or the exact word is pushed?) me to do dakwah is the feeling of love towards Allah.. U know, U love Him so much so that U want everyone to obey Him, back to Him and U just want to share the sweetness of worshiping Him with everyone.

Not only that, of course needless to mention, your love towards ar-Rasul... All U know is U just want to fight for what has been fought by him for years..... Its very hard to say because the love towards Baginda SAW is really an indescribable feeling. Its like, U feel like telling him, "I'm taking over your job, I'll let your dream came true, I'll continue your fight, I won't let your ummah stray away" --- this feeling. I seriously run out of words to describe it.

And of course, the love towards the mad'u(s) and the ummah itself.... How can U help the one U didn't love? Sabar itu hadir kerana adanya cinta... Right? Kan people always say "its okay to be hurt by the one u love" -- thus, its okay if my mad'u reject me cause I won't give up, I am okay to be hurt because because all I know is I just love U and wanna save U!

Errrr... Yah basically, I think the principles of "cinta dan dakwah, berpisah tiada!" fits me well. But I did not say what Encik Musab says was wrong, no no no, don't get me wrong! For him, its sabar that keeps him going. While for me, the source of strength that keeps me walking is LOVE. Yeap, cinta(Omg why so cheesy when its in Malay)

Oklah actually once you're healthy, U should use your study week to the fullest ok :P

May Allah bless me, you and the Ummah. May Allah ease everything for us and did not make it difficult. May we be among those He loves. May His strength will always be with us!

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