Oh you still alive there?

There, there.

Sorry blog! Been neglecting you for monthsssss. No worry, now I'm back ;) be happy ok!

Lol. Drama sangat dengan blog sendiri. So my 4 months(almost, plus minus) holiday will come to an end. I am excited(because I will be a final year student, iyeyy!) but I feel sad at the same time.. Home will be sooo quiet again. No sounds of my big brother teasing me, no annoying face of my lil brother, no pillow talk with my sister anymore... And I will feel lonely again.I know busy-ness will keep me fine but yeah. Ok stop I dont want to think about that for now. Lets cherish the present and stop worrying bout future!

Actually I have no idea what to write. But I just feel like updating the blog. Hence, the babbling :p

Oklah bye!

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