Praying hard for #MH370. Please come back!

I believe that everyone is alert and aware of the current news (a sad one) regarding MH370 flight that is missing since yesterday. My deepest sympathy goes to the missing innocent souls, their families and all related parties.

I know it's hurt to hear about the news and the victim's family must be so curious and anxious. However, have faith cause Allah is always there. Everything happens for a reason. There is hikmah and lessons that Allah wants us to learn and ponder.. In shaa Allah.

This is my first time seeing how all medias actively updates the news like every second! The supports from people especially Malaysians are overwhelming and the prayers keep coming... How I wish this situation happens exactly the same when it comes to the issues of Syria and Palestine....

They deserve to get exactly the same attention and prayers.. When it comes to humanity, we shouldn't be picky.

Apatah lagi, we are Muslims, we are brothers and sisters.

Whatever it is, do pray for #MH370 as well as the people of Syria and Palestine. My brothers and sisters in Syria and Palestine, I'm gonna keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts, always. In shaa Allah.

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