She is the best one; my first murabbi.

My finger hits the right arrow on the keyboard which then brings me to the next photo in the album. Picture of her, my first Murabbi in Korea, appears on the laptop screen. I looked at her smile and I smiled. I wanted to cry as I miss her so much and I feel touched whenever I reminisced our moments of usrah back then in Korea....

Now, when I can clearly recognized the thick line separating jahiliyyah and amal, I feel shame for myself. I feel shame at my murabbi for she knows how bad I am back then...

But she's still there---for me---not losing hope believing that I will shine someday. She keep nurturing me and keep feeding me with knowledge of the Deen. Alhamdulillah with His rahmah, Kak Huda never give up on me. Though she knows how far I am from the real practice of Islam.

I remember every single effort she puts on me and my usrahmate. She traveled all the way from Suwon to Seoul just to have usrah with us. Though its just two of us(yep I only have one usrahmate).. She brings us food(of course) and she stay patient whenever we are late and so. Whenever she is busy with her mid term or final exam, she will still make sure that usrah is still on every week --- we even have usrah on Skype wuweee!

We stay keep in touch even when I'm back to Malaysia. Though we are miles away apart, she had always lend her ears for my merepek stories and so called problem and well.. Shes always be there for me!

Whenever I came across the stories of Jaafar bin Abi Talib in books or I heard about his story, Kak Huda automatically popped out in my mind. Because Jaafar bin Abi Talib RA is her favorite sahabah! I just couldn't forget the way she smiled while she tell me the stories of him :) Well, thats her. She always feeds me with the stories of sahabah to heals me, whenever I feel sad or facing problems. Till know, I feel closer to the seerah(and thats because of her).

Kak Huda, you are one great murabbi and I will always keep you in my prayers. I will never ever forget your effort and ilm that you have ever gave me. I just couldn't imagine how can you be so patient with me. Alhamdulillah.. Its all by His rahmah! Thank you so much and I will be a murabbi just like you! I will be a duplicate you to my mutarabbi, in shaa Allah!

Thank you so much for the tarbiyyah you poured upon me. I will never ever forget that.

It's two days more and I just can't wait to see you in Malaysia! Come back fast and have a safe flight! I truly loves you, deep in my heart. Come back fast!!

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